Meaningfully Worth It

Roshan Machayya
2 min readOct 1, 2022


  • An Ode To Home

Meaningful experiences that make you want to long for permanence are odes to the joy that you find at Home, or someone that is Home to you.

The microcosm of human experiences and life, present something that is truly remarkable — that all of us are reflections of love and longing. Think about this. In searching and seeking perspective, you would indulge yourself in a fair bit of soul searching. And find what? The relevance to meaning and perspective — a seated permanence or an emotional anchorage called Home. This idea of home thus becomes meaningfully worth it is because it makes sense to fight for it; irrespective of the consequences. Perhaps then, permanence finds its sensibilities in the idea that consequences are worth it. Metaphorically, the longing to be Home becomes a medium of clarity in meaning.

People and experiences that are thus meaningfully worth it because they are our points of belonging. Simply put, this is the map to what we truly seek. The map back Home where everything feels right.

Breaking the inhibitions of selfishness, while finding ourselves in the movements, fondness and, hearts of the ones who are meaningfully worth it to us, leaves us in a deep seated sense of security and unending longing. The admiration and love is unending because the experience of perspective that at heart yearns belonging and permanence finally finds calm. It finally finds Home.

What do we do with our longing for Home?

Stay. It is meaningfully worth it. Staying is the completion of longing.

Because all of this is meaningfully worth it.